Friday, October 29, 2010

HERE THEY ARE! The entries for the photo contest! The winner gets a $50.00 Sew Me a Memory gift certificate! Vote for your favorite in the poll above! 6 days left to vote!!!

Beatrice submitted this "not so happy camper day" photo of her little one. She is wearing the Sunny Summer Romper. Thanks Bea. She's even cute when she's crying! Good Luck! "A is for adorable"

Cynthia submitted this photo of her neice wearing a circle skirt made with "Rainy Days" fabric. She says "It's never too cold for a Sew Me a Memory skirt"!

Tracy submitted this photo of her daughter. She's a "Superstar in the Making" She's showing off her Reversible Swing Jacket made with China Dolls and Polka dot fabris.
Thank you, Kathleen, for submitting this great photo of a your daughter in this "Runway Ready" pose!

Jody submitted this fabulous photo of Gus the Pug. He's sporting a custom embroidered safety bandana. Jody says Gus was "stopping to smell the flowers".

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Photo contest starts tomorrow!!!! Extended one more day!

Ok, so I fell a bit behind. The photos for the contest will be posted tomorrow and the contest will run for one full week! Didn't get your photo in yet? Send it to my by tomorrow.
Once the photos go up, there will be no more entries. The winner gets a gift certificate for Sew Me a Memory!

Read the prior post for more details.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Time for a contest!!! Win a $50.00 gift certificate!

Hello Sew Me a Memory fans! It's time for a contest. Want to win a $50.00 gift certificate for Sew Me a Memory? Send me a photo via email ( before October 27th, 2010 and you will be included in the contest. Feel free to add a comment or feedback on the item. How it fits, how it washes, the quality or design, etc.

On October 28th, 2010, I will put up all the photos and then people can begin voting. Voting will last only a week, so let everyone know to vote! Voting will end on November 3rd and on the 4th I will post the winner! The winner will be the one with the most votes. If there is a tie, the winner will be chosen from a hat. The winner will receive a $50.00 Sew Me a Memory Gift Certificate to be used at any Sew Me a Memory event, such as The Christmas Festival on November 5,6,7 or online at or Thanks for entering and Good Luck to everyone!
Fine print: All photos submitted may be used by Sew Me a Memory on my blog and on my website for advertising and contest purposes. Names of any children in photos will not be given out or used in the advertising or the contest. Photos already on my website or blog will be discluded. Any photos of a child or adult wearing Sew Me a Memory items can be entered into the contest. One entry per person, please.