Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring 2011 Photo Shoot and Trendy Tween Photo Shoot

I'm very excited to share a sneak peak of the wonderful photos taken at the Spring 2011 Photo Shoot and the Trendy Tween Photo Shoot.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Updates, info and news! 2010 Wrap up.

Well, 2010 was a whirlwind for Sew Me a Memory! New opportunities, new friends, new venues and new designs!


New opportunities have come in the form of certification for teaching children to sew and being featured in Trendy Tween Magazine.

Beginning in March of 2011 I will be holding Beginner Sewing Classes for children ages 6 to 12. I will also be adding teenage classes and adult classes for anyone that is interested. For more information, please go to Click on the classes link for more info.
In April of 2011 I will be featured in "Trendy Tween Magazine". The photo shoot for the spread will be done this month. I am very excited to be included. It's a wonderful new magazine that focuses on tweens, ages 6-12. Positive stories, great age appropriate fashion and more. Check it out by clicking on the link on my webpage.

Friends: Meeting new friends and forming a bond with some great new clients has made Sew Me a Memory even more successful in 2010. Fabulous artisans and crafters, customers and peers have given me advice, compliments and support. I appreciate you all.

New Venues: Some of the great venues I added in 2010 were Artfest Beverly in Beverly MA, The Gloucester Sidewalk Days in Gloucester, MA, Natick Collections Indie Collection in Natick Ma, and The Boston Christmas Festival in Boston MA. Wow! I could hardly keep up with inventory...and orders poured in. In fact, my family spent the first night of the Christmas Festival watching me and helping me cut and serge and sew...oh my! The first all nighter I've pulled since school days. It's changed the way I do things in my little studio here in Seekonk MA. I've invested in a few new pieces of equipment to make things a little less time consuming, which has made it possible for me to try new things and come up with new ideas. Speaking of my family, have I mentioned how supportive and wonderful they are? I couldn't do it without them! Carl, Jonathan, Joseph, and Mom! Your pride and support in me have been a big part of my success, so kudos to you!

New Designs: I have had so many requests for the Swing Jacket to be made in adult sizes, so...the Reversible Swing Jacket will now be available for ladies in sizes xs. sm, md, lg and xlg. It will be debuted at my first 2011 Spring show which is on February 24-27th at the Craft Pavilion at the 63rd Annual New England Home Show at World Trade Center, Boston MA.

I've also added a fabulous comfortable reversible headband in sizes Newborn, Small, Medium, Large and Adult to my line. They will be made in many coordinating fabrics so you can match all the jackets, dresses and skirts in my line.

And by popular demand, I have finally added ties to my collection. Now your boys and men can match for special occasions, family photos or just for the fun of it.

Be sure to keep up to date with my blog to see the new photos of my line. My photo shoot will take place in mid February and I can't wait to share the new pictures with you all. Photos will be taken by a wonderful photographer (and friend) Joanne Frontiero of Frontiero Photography. Check out her fabulous work here

So, I've filled you in on 2010 and the beginning of 2011! Thank you for being part of my dream! Stay tuned for the next's sure to be interesting.