Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sew Me a Memory Boutique

Well, here goes nothing! I've never blogged before but I'm going to give it a try. My name is Debbie and I'm in the middle of my mid life crisis. So far, so good. I've reached half my goals in half my lifetime, so I guess I'm right on track.

I work a part time job, but most of my time goes to family and my passion for sewing and creating boutique clothing. Most of my clothing is for children, but I have been toying with some ladies clothing, as well

I began sewing when I was a child. I remember the first project my mother and I did together. It was a wonderful little pink terrycloth dress. I can almost feel that silky terrycloth in my hands when I think hard enough. My Mother made quite a few things for me. A fabulous Holly Hobby dress, a nice tailored brown cordoroy blazer.....I'm sure there were many more.

Today I have my grandmother's sewing machine as an inspiration. It's still threaded and set how she left it.

My children and husband are so supportive of my business. They try their best to give their opinions when I show them a new design. Funny that I make little girls clothing. I have one grown son and one teenage son. Both my most prescious gifts! I feel like they are proud of me, and that makes me smile.

Soon I will post some of my designs here for you to see and comment on. I hope I've stirred some interest with my first blog ever. See you soon.


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